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Naturally shaped brows

At Gia Marina, we shape your brows by tweezing. This allows us to be more specific about which brow hairs are removed and which are kept. Most of our first time clients come to us because they want to either grow or reshape their damaged brows.  We will educate you and assist you in the process of  getting your brows more suited for your face shape. If your brows certainly are not growing anymore due to over waxing or over tweezing…don’t give up! We can show you how to correctly fill them in while still keeping a natural look.

Brow Services:

Brow Tweezing $25

Brow Tinting $25

We schedule all brow services for 30 minutes. Each new client appointment comes with a Jane Iredale Bitty Brow Kit or PureBrow Gel (total cost of $54). All following appointments are $25.


Why is tweezing brows better than waxing or threading?

Having your brows tweezed is better than getting them waxed or threaded because waxing and threading can take off way too much hair affecting the shape of your brows. Tweezing is much more precise. At Gia Marina, our aestheticians measure your brows prior tweezing to see exactly where they should be. Also, waxing and threading your brows is very irritating causing long periods of redness, hyper pigmentation, and breakouts. In addition to irritation, waxing and threading takes off more than just the hair….it takes off the skin, too!

Should I tweeze my brows daily?
No! To keep your brows clean and well-shaped, you must refrain from tweezing them daily. It is important for each of your brow hairs to be on the same growth pattern. If all of the brow hairs are tweezed on the same day, then they are more likely to grow back around the same time.  This will leave your brows looking cleaner longer. When you tweeze everyday you tend to over-tweeze and take too many hairs, causing you to lose the natural shape and leaving them thin and/or crooked.

How often do I get my brows tweezed?

How often you get your brows tweezed depends on how quickly your brow hairs grow. We have clients coming to get their brows tweezed anywhere from two weeks to eight weeks. However, if you are coming specifically for tint, or if you are getting that service along with a brow tweeze, then you will want to come back every four weeks as that is how long a brow tint usually lasts.